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Protectors of Earth’s most precious resource: water!

After working at Streghe Moderne winery, I decided to dedicate my life completely to water,  its freshness and liveliness. Running from the tap, flowing in streams and rivers, falling from the sky, I wanted pure water to be the standard of my more respectful and attentive new lifestyle. This is my objective today, a plunge into something different, like when we kids used to run barefoot along the gravelly shores of the River Brenta, then dive right in. That’s one of my earliest memories. My family worked in the concrete business then, making and selling the huge vats winemakers needed all over Europe and North America.


Water was always a part of it! They’d fill those huge vats with water and we kids swam in them, too! Our earliest games and first laughter involved water. All the kids used to come over and play in the water. I shudder to think of the risks we ran! All my life I’ve surrounded myself with water, sticking/ my head in, running past the vats, streams in the woods, irrigation ditches, racing friends to get there first. As Emily Dickinson wrote: ‘Water is taught by thirst’. Let me add that it’s pure and simple life that flows on and on. Let’s never stand in the way of its energy!



Our mission: Woman, and a woman’s simplicity.

Easier said than done. Overwhelmed by images, objects and slogans, the search for simplicity might be sold as just another mirage, but the pioneers among us who truly want it must be determined and tenacious. There’s every reason to reclaim our true nature, start paying attention to the things flowing by us, so quickly, day after day.


All this has led me to search for a healthier, fairer world. If we can’t take care of even the simplest, most ordinary but essential things, we’ll just run around aimlessly and then run out of everything. Reclaiming our nature as natural creatures in a polluted world just seems like the logical thing to do, but I’ve had door after door slammed in my face. How many mistakes must we make before we find the right path?


Hence the constant care, the need to be vigilant and keep up to date. Meticulous attention to each and every detail. We can’t let them go on fooling us forever. We need to develop critical awareness if we want a life that flows as clear and pure as water.



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HAI GIA' VISTO LE NUOVE IMMAGINI? Mano di Fatima e Mantra Focus ! un augurio di serenità e armonia

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CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF THE WATER STATUES Polish artist Malgorzata Chodakowska creates some marvellous bronze sculptures that transform into fountains thanks to the presence of water. It is this water that creates movement and at the same time plays an essential role in the work’s entire structure.ballerina with water tutu

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HOW TO OPEN YOUR PACKAGES OF WATER BOTTLES ... and avoid any breakages.

When you receive your package from Tappiebottiglie, open it as follows: first of all remove ALL of the bottles that upside down - then remove the perforated cardboard - remove the remaining bottles (those which are the right side up). Removing them in this way will help to avoid annoying breakages.

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