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Create YOUR bottle: unique, exclusive, completely personalised!

GEAlife can provide you with the bottle of your dreams, featuring your logo and the image that best represents your business.
Take a look at some examples of our customized bottles, or complete the form below to receive more information, with no obligation, and a personalised quote.
Allow a minimum of 28 days to process orders.

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Choose glass?! FIND OUT WHY!

Why choose glass? Facts are suggesting that the number of people switching to glass packaging and containers is increasing. In 17 European countries, glass was voted as the best container for food and drink. A recent study revealed that 65% of consumers prefer glass as it better preserves the flavour of products and 63%, on the other hand, view it as being better for health, as well as suitable for certain special occasions, for the prestige it guarantees. A large part of consumers, focused on an increasingly widespread sustainable lifestyle, consider glass packaging to be more ‘environmentally friendly’.

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