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Payment and shipping


You can complete your purchase by selecting one of the payment methods at the checkout:

CREDIT CARD We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club, payment is through PayPal’s secure server, credit card data will not be known to us as it is provided solely to PayPal. Those who are registered with the PayPal service can make payments by accessing the dedicated PayPal area. You may also pay using a credit card without the need to register.

BANK TRANSFER In this case, we must receive the payment before the products can be dispatched. Bank transfer information and the procedure to follow will be sent at the end of the order process.

CASH ON DELIVERY (Italy only) The courier is paid directly upon delivery of the merchandise; couriers only accept cash and will only complete the delivery if payment is made. An additional 2.4% is applied to the total order amount. Minimum order €8.00. In the event of a failed delivery, customers will be charged for all incurred costs (packaging, shipping, etc.).


Costs for shipping vary depending on the destination and the package weight. Shipping is not available to all countries. Any customs fees are to be paid by the recipient.

Summary tables:

Area from 0 to 1 Kg. from 1.01 to 3 Kg. from 3.01 to 10 Kg. from 10.01 to 20 Kg. from 20.01 to 30 Kg. from 30.01 to 50 Kg. from 50.01 to 70 Kg. from 70.01 to 100 Kg. from 100.01 to 150 Kg.
italia € 8,15 € 8,50 € 10,50 € 11,50 € 15,00 € 18,10 € 24,90 € 30,10 € 46,00
italia isole € 9,70 € 9,90 € 12,20 € 13,50 € 17,00 € 23,50 € 29,30 € 38,20 € 49,00

For orders weighing over 97kg, each additional kg will be calculated at €0.50

italia isoleCalabria e Italia isole e Venezia


At the time of purchase, it is possible to select the ‘Use your own courier’ option. In this case, shipping will not be calculated, and telephone contact details will be taken for shipping to be arranged. In the event that shipping is to be carried out by another carrier agreed with the customer (freight forward) GEAlife shall not be considered in any way responsible for theft/disappearance/damage to goods from the time they are shipped from GEAlife’s warehouse at their operational headquarters to the customer’s preselected carrier. We remind you that glass will be packaged appropriately.


In the event of breakage or tampering with the packaging, you have the right to reject the goods by signing the ‘SUBJECT TO CONTROL’ label, in this way, you can check the contents and inform us of the condition of the goods. You will only be charged for merchandise in an acceptable condition. However, in compliance with the provisions of recent Italian legislation (Legislative Decree 22/5/1999 no.185), you reserve the right to withdraw from the purchase should you change your mind, by simply sending an email to and returning the goods to us within 10 business days of their delivery. The costs for return of goods will be at your expense and you will be reimbursed for all costs paid by you within 14 days of their return. You are informed, pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 no. 196 (Code concerning the protection of personal data), that GEAlife di Gianna Velo will proceed to process the personal data you provide in compliance with the rights, the fundamental freedoms and individual dignities, with particular reference to confidentiality and personal identity in addition, in any case, to compliance with the legislation concerning the processing of personal data.


Compliance with copyright legislation is recommended for the use of photographic material featured on this website. Images cannot be used on any media. Any use, complete or partial, of the content featured on this website, including the storage, reproduction, processing, sharing or distribution of the content itself through any technological platform, media or communications network, is prohibited without prior written approval from GEAlife.

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Why choose glass? Facts are suggesting that the number of people switching to glass packaging and containers is increasing. In 17 European countries, glass was voted as the best container for food and drink. A recent study revealed that 65% of consumers prefer glass as it better preserves the flavour of products and 63%, on the other hand, view it as being better for health, as well as suitable for certain special occasions, for the prestige it guarantees. A large part of consumers, focused on an increasingly widespread sustainable lifestyle, consider glass packaging to be more ‘environmentally friendly’.

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