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The eco-friendliest online store: exclusive accessories for the catering industry.

Any of our products can be purchased and personalised in either small or large quantities. Once seen, you will want to share them with everyone: functionality in tandem with aesthetics. Tappiebottiglie® only use Made in Italy products. We offer fused glass bottles; sometimes elegant rounded swirls, at other times more technical designs, able to be accompanied by social messages and short poems. At other times high impact and inspired by the punk movement, with a generous use of colours, strokes and thicknesses. The various models of bottle are the result of obsessive research and exclusive supplies. Soft, clean feminine lines, or more fashionable cylindrical designs... always one step ahead, but always focused on give shape to water.


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HAI GIA' VISTO LE NUOVE IMMAGINI? Mano di Fatima e Mantra Focus ! un augurio di serenità e armonia

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CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF THE WATER STATUES Polish artist Malgorzata Chodakowska creates some marvellous bronze sculptures that transform into fountains thanks to the presence of water. It is this water that creates movement and at the same time plays an essential role in the work’s entire structure.ballerina with water tutu

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HOW TO OPEN YOUR PACKAGES OF WATER BOTTLES ... and avoid any breakages.

When you receive your package from Tappiebottiglie, open it as follows: first of all remove ALL of the bottles that upside down - then remove the perforated cardboard - remove the remaining bottles (those which are the right side up). Removing them in this way will help to avoid annoying breakages.

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